Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally Legal

My car is officially legal now. It’s about time!

We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of moving to the Northland in about a week. When we first moved here, we didn’t waste any time getting our cars registered in Minnesota and getting new license plates. We were on the ball. However, when it came time to take my UGA plate off the front of my car (I never had to register my car in Missouri, so according to Georgia regulations I only needed a license tag on the back of my car), the bolts were so rusted that we could not get them out. We tried everything that we could except a bolt cutter which we didn’t have. I wasn’t too thrilled with having to remove the UGA plate, so I put up a fight about destroying it to get it off. I wanted it intact; I honestly don’t know why either. We gave up for a while, or at least until we could get someone to cut the bolts off. Then I got sick from being pregnant and didn’t drive for about 4, maybe 5, months. We just parked my car in our parking spot. No use fooling with it if I wasn’t driving. During that time, the snow came and buried my car. Once I did start to drive again, it was safer and more reliable for me to drive my husband’s car with all the snow still on the ground. Plus, it was just too cold to mess with the bolts. About a month or so ago, when it started to warm up a little, a man from our congregation came over and cut the bolts off (in case you are wondering, the UGA plate wasn’t destroyed!). Once again, the car just sat there. But with my dad and stepmom coming into town in 2 weeks, I knew I needed to get new bolts to put the license plate on since they will be using my car during their visit. So that’s what I did yesterday. It only took a little under a year! But now I can drive my car without worrying about getting a ticket!

My husband’s car is still better than mine, so any chance I get I will be driving his car! Plus, it has the only car seat base we have installed in it, which by they way has been installed properly according to the car seat safety clinic I attended last week.

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