Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nesting in full force

I am not a neat-freak, germaphobe, or safety nut by nature, but this pregnancy has temporarily turned me into all three. Honestly, dust never bothered me, but now I can’t stand the sight of it. I get frustrated because I deep clean one day just to find I need to do it again a couple of days later. The work is never done, and as long as it is like that and I am like this, I will continue to clean. Well, at least until the nesting phase is over.

I also am very cautious, probably to the extreme, about washing my hands after going anywhere and touching anything. I seriously think I have washed a layer of skin off of my hands. I carry antibacterial gel with me and use it frequently. I now use those wipes at stores to wipe down carts. And I don’t just wipe handle, I get all the edges. Oh, and those who plan on visiting Baby C, be prepared to wash your hands thoroughly before even coming close to him. And the antibacterial gel isn’t enough. Sorry. I’m sure I will get over this at some time. I realize that a little grime is ok for building healthy immune systems. I have one of the best immune systems of anyone I know. I mean, I recently spent a whole year in a school in close contact with kids and didn’t get sick once. That school suffered greatly that year with illnesses, too. My great immune system probably has something to do with the fact that my home growing up was not the cleanest. It wasn’t disgusting, but it wasn’t squeaky clean. Honestly, I hope this germaphobe in me dies down just a bit.

As for being a safety nut, I try to stay on top of all the current safety news for babies and kids. I have my friend look up products on Consumer Reports. I try to read all reviews. I check recall lists. I even get the monthly emails from the JPMA. I measured between the rails of the crib to make sure they didn’t exceed the recommended distance. I will give my baby a pacifier at night to prevent SIDS, but not until the correct form of latching has been established. He will ride rear facing at least until he is 2 years old and meets all the qualifications. I am taking the car with the installed car seat to the local fire station’s car seat safety clinic this week to ensure that the car seat has been installed properly. Don’t tell anyone though, but I am using a bumper. That is the one case where I am not going with the recommendation. I am concerned about having the best and safest for Baby C. This may never go away. I have been entrusted with the complete care of another human, one who is part of me. His well-being is my responsibility, and I don’t take that lightly.

Additionally, this pregnancy has turned the planner in me into overdrive. I have been trying to get my ducks in a row. My to-do list grows longer each day. And it’s not like I’m not accomplishing tasks on that list. I created a very detailed birthing plan. I’m sure my doctor thinks I’m crazy for it, as well as for the million of questions I ask. For the most part, I have my bags packed for the hospital. There is a list for what isn’t packed yet. We already have Baby C’s baptism planned, as well as the meal with family afterward. I have a list of things people can help us with and a list of things visiting family can do if they need to get out for a bit. I have multiple lists of the necessities that we will need for Baby C, the things to pack for the hospital, and tips for caring for a baby. I read book after book, website after website, email after email to prepare myself for the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing. I even try to make sure my husband’s life is planned out, unsuccessfully though. I have tried to plan the next couple of months down to the minute, all while knowing that the next couple of months will be the most unpredictable months. The only thing I can’t plan, even though I am trying, is when I am going to have this baby. The unknown is driving me nuts!

This nesting thing has completely taken over me! I go nonstop until I crash. I typically overdo it which results in a lot of discomfort, pain, and exhaustion later. But that’s what nesting is all about, right?

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  1. WOW Natalie...I'm exhausted reading this :-)