Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Wow! It has been a while since I have posted. But that is due to the fact that all the sudden our lives became very busy. We were barely at home this past weekend. Actually, this whole month is pretty much all booked with various things to do. Add nesting to that list and there is no time for down time. Stay tuned for more on my nesting stage. Let me give you a brief synopsis of the major happenings of the last week so we can get caught up.

Last week was filled with meetings (mostly for my husband, but those affect me as well), deadlines, waiting, planning, class, a benefit dinner, and more that is escaping my pregnant brain. It seems as though my husband has had more meetings in this month alone than he has had total in all the other months since moving here last June. It’s crazy! Just so you know, I’m not complaining. It is a part of his job, and I know there are going to be seasons that are busier than others. Hopefully, it will die down considerably when Baby C arrives! In addition, this is also the lovely season of taxes. Taxes were different for us this year in comparison to the past years, so there was adjusting that needed to be done both mentally and physically as well as waiting for paperwork. But that deadline has been met and we are set – whew!

I love the look of the letters that spell out babies’ names in nurseries. I had set out at the beginning of the pregnancy looking for the perfect letters, even before we knew that we were having a boy. I never found exactly what I wanted for what I was willing to pay, so I decided to make them myself. I ordered wooden letters to spell out Baby C’s name online in the font and size I wanted for a very reasonable price. Then I found an idea on Etsy that I wanted to use to paint and decorate them. I picked out paint colors to match the bedding. This past week I started out painting the base color. I think I have one more coat then I will add the decoration, which will look like stitching around the edges. I can’t wait to see the final product, but it has proven to be a lot of work. Let’s just say that I probably will be ordering baby #2’s letters pre-made! We also put the stroller together this past week.

The most time consuming thing that we did this past week was Labor and Delivery Class. We met on Friday night from 6:30-9:00 and on Saturday from 9:00-4:30. It was a long class filled with so much information. Our brains were fried by the end! In a way it was very helpful but in another way it was overwhelming. It is hard to believe that our little guy most likely will be here in the next 6 weeks. And there is so much that needs to happen before I even go into labor. It was nice to see the birthing center and to know our hospital’s birthing philosophy, if there is such a thing. Plus, they taught on all the ins and outs of labor and delivery in an incredibly real and honest way. Tonight we go back for the Infant CPR and Car Seat Safety Class. The worst part of the class was waking up Saturday morning to several inches of snow – yep, that’s right, snow in April. We were in a rush to get out the door that morning that I wasn’t able to get a picture. Here is a picture from Sunday morning before church, though. You can't tell, but it is snowing in this picture while the sun it out - very odd. That’s life in the Northland for you!

As if taking the class wasn’t enough, we also had a benefit dinner to attend for a ministry that our church supports on Saturday night. Even though we were completely worn out, it was a very nice evening and were able to meet more people in the community as well as see what this ministry is doing and how it is growing. Then, on a whim, we invited some visitors to our service on Sunday over for dinner after church. Our house was a wreck! But we managed to do a quick sweep through the house before they hardly saw the mess. It was a nice time of fellowship.

Yesterday, we brought dinner and dessert to some friends that are having some medical problems, so my day was busy getting that ready. I made this really fun dessert for the kids – dirt cake. I even put it in a flower pot, stuck fake flowers and gummy worms in it, and used a shovel to serve it (don't worry, nothing had been used before and it was all washed very well before use). The 2 year old was scared of the gummy worms, though. They looked too much like the ones in his toy tackle box. It was a blessing to serve them and spend time with them!

Looks like this week is going to be just as busy! Hopefully I will be able to find time to rest as well as post some overdue entries.

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