Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We’re getting there

After purchasing the bedding, I was excited to get it set up in the nursery. I spent yesterday washing everything, so today I was able to arrange it in the nursery. The nursery is not complete yet. We are missing the wall décor, which is a work in progress. We also still need some items, especially a bookcase or some sort of storage unit. But we are getting closer to it being ready for Baby C’s arrival!

These will have to do until we have pictures of the final product. The lighting was not the best, so you can’t see a lot of the details. I love this bedding, though.

I also started working on the “stitching” on his letters. Not bragging, but I am pretty impressed with how it is turning out. I was a bit nervous about doing it by hand.

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  1. super cute, Natalie! I love it! So excited for him to be here and to see pictures!!